Spiral Pan Feeder

Spiral Spring Feeder,Automatic Spiral Feeder,Pan Feeder,

Benefits of using this system:

  • San san
  • Easy adjustment of dipped heights
  • Fast and Unbeatable Distribution in the Hall
  • Three-phase motorcycle with 1 horse power
  • 45 mm pipe diameter and 3 meter tube length
  • Strong winch for height adjustment with high capabilities
  • Easy washing of fast salon cleaning

A duct system consisting of a galvanized tube, a duct from the tank to the end of the hall, a duct tank, a gear motor, a main duct plate, a winch, pulleys, a wire rod and dishwashing dishes, which form the main dishwasher plate. Give.

Spiral Spring Feeder Attachment,spiral feeder ,The Patrick Pinker Group




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