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industrial poultry breeding Production of equipment Fields of activity: the production of poultry and kidney & auotomatic handheld Accessories Accessories Several types of plastic dankhori and star industries abkhori finally had the operation of license of Ministry of industries omaaden. The company, during the years of activity, relying on the help of the Lord and the operation and management experiences were capable of & Experienced and the use of omashin devices qualified for a modern, managed to reach its long-term goals derrah gamahai take an effective and modern equipment with the use of rostmam trying to In order to achieve your objectives define this collection that surely respect consumer rights dear customer satisfaction throughout that products of this brand, benefit plant. The use of advanced machinery in production lines, the quality of production made what in terms of density and what in terms of the materials used in the products, superior evaluation. plastic industries in line with the principle of the star is proud of customer orientation to behavior in a way that the last method and technology in the field of construction and Production of poultry supplies makes the satisfaction and reduced purchasing costs for customers and at the same time high quality.