Hafez Plastic Poultry equipment

Hafez poultry

Hafez Plastic poultry equipment

Hafez Plastic Poultry Equipment is focused on designing and manufacturing equipment for poultry grow-out facilities in Iran and the Middle East.
Hafez Poultry had humble beginning.In 1970 decided that as farming was becoming more dependent on technology, he should modernize and enhance his own labor methods.
Industry would supply the answer.He decided to use his own knowledge and experience to produce advanced agricultural equipment by injection molding, and he would call their enterprrise "Hafez" and named his products "Pars".
Since those early days Pars has grown,innovated , and built up a world wide network of distributors.
From the beginning, Pars Poultry Equipment promised to take the lead in offering a reliable sales and marketing network. Pars Poultry Equipment now has constant customers in Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iraq, UAE, Pakistan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Afghanistan.

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